Contribute to education one school, one class, one subject at a time

Edumus helps working specialists to go to school to teach one class one subject at the time.

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Creating a positive feedback loop

By including more teachers in the education system we create a positive feedback loop where existing teachers’ work load normalizes. Thus they are able to advance their techniques and incorporate new solutions. In turn that makes learning experiences more engaging and promotes the teacher’ profession’s image.


Let’s make education more engaging and increase the number of teachers at schools. For specialists Edumus is a program to develop and practice leadership and training skills and thus to give a boost their career.


Why do we need more teachers?

It is estimated that Estonia is lacking around 3000 teachers in period from 2018 to 2025 of whom 1000 are teachers in STEM subjects. For Estonian 1,3 million inhabitants that’s a lot and the problem is getting worse as more teachers are retiring than entering to the profession.

In the long term, the solution is a political change to rise teachers’ wage significantly to make the profession more attractive. Also, new learning solutions will help to reduce the need for teachers by creating more digital learning environments. However, in the short run neither of these will make the change and the longer our education sector is understaffed, the less likely the change becomes.

Thus, we need to bring more people to schools to teach now.


In the next 14  years, countries must recruit 68.8 million teachers to provide every child with primary and secondary education

UNESCO Institute of Statistic